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Dovi utilizes flashcard and spaced repetition to boost your language learning

We are offering one-stop solution to all your problems

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Personalized Vocabulary

Dive into language mastery at your own pace. Our app lets you add words you encounter in real life, personalizing your vocabulary pool.

Remember Efficiently

Only practice the essential through spaced repetition training. Remember what you forget and review what you remember.

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Features our users love

Multiple devices

Safely synchronize across devices.

Adding words easily

Adding new words is super quick and easy.

Auto translation

No need for switching between apps anymore.

Export & Import

Integration with multiple formats for bulk data.


Track your progress to understand you better.

Text to speech

When you forget how it sounds.

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“ I love this app and would recommend it to anyone. I was able to add any words I heard with ease and organize it for practice. “
Theodora Valerie
Language Polygot and Nanotech Engineer

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